Its the final week in the current cycle and we are getting stronger!  Today we’ll be putting the barbells to work in all three programming components.  First, we’ll work up to maximum overhead pressing, then we’ll develop lower body endurance with some new movements, Bulgarian Split Squats and Barbell Step-Ups.


A) 10:00 build to max Jerk from the rack


B) OTM8 @80% of Jerk max

(1) behind the neck push Jerk + (1) push Jerk from the front


C) OTM12 @80% of Jerk max

Bulgarian split squat

  • even minute x3 left leg
  • odd minute x3 right leg


D) Partner AMRAP8

  • P1: barbell step up #75/55
  • P2: double KB farmers carry, 50m

* partners switch on the completion of each farmers carry


E) 6 cycles



Bulgarian Split Squat