A1: dynamic upper 


3 floor press @ 50% of 1RM bench press


A2: perform a single set of max reps of bench press @ 50 % 1RM


B1: standing plank off 

from a standing position hold a #45/25 plate shoulder height at arms length for as long as you can


C: TEAM of 3 – AMRAP20

  • P1: 1 rope climb or 3 rope lowers
  • P2: 10m BEAR crawl + 10m sprint
  • P3: REST
* teammates may switch at any time by tagging in/out. At least one person must be in designated rest area at all times.
B2: standing plank off
D: Max L-sit or knee tuck
take 5:00 to establish max duration L-sit or knee tuck on parallettes