Partner WoD

AMRAP15 (score by 10m of farmers carries as a team)

Ladder by 20m (20m-40m-60m-80m…)

  • Shuttle Run (by 10m lengths)
  • Double KB Farmers Carry  (#53/35)

*The workout will start with each partner completing a distance of 20m shuttle  followed by each completing a 20m farmers carry. The team will proceed by incrementally advancing the distance of the shuttles and farmers carries by 20m per round until the 15:00 clock expires. The ladder will increase from 20m by 20m (20m-40m-60m-80m-100m…) tallying every 10m of farmers carries to their score .


Skill Advancement


  • Hand Stand Push-up (hand balance)


Body Weight Density

10:00 (40:20)

  • odd: 8 CTB pull-up + amrap burpee
  • even: 12 Toes to Bar + amrap burpee