2 rounds

  • 5 arm circles and flings
  • 5 leg swings and sweeps
  • 10 jumping jacks

2 rounds

  • 5 strict pull-up -or- 10 ring-row
  • 5 inch worm -or- 10 push-up
  • 5 lunges L+R -or- 10 air-squat



Sled Work

  • push
  • pull
  • drag



2 TEAMS (head to head) – AMRAP20

P1 – ropes must be kept moving at all times with quick transitions

  • Continuous Battle Ropes (double wave -or- reciprocating)

P2 – each TEAM will have 3 SandBags, (#60/#40/#20)

  • 10m Agilty Ladder Shuffle  (SandBag over shoulder or behind neck)
  • 10m Up & Over, 4 boxes at 8ft distances, 20″-24″-20″-24″  (SandBag over shoulder or behind neck)
  • 10m Reverse Bear Crawl (SandBag Drag)

P3 – rotation for all

  • REST


* SCORE = Laps completed of ladder+box+crawl

1. Ropes must be kept moving continuously using a double -or- reciprocating wave

  • rotation can be in mixed order as long as there is no down time but to transition
  • each team will have (1) rope set-up

2.All movements in the Ladder Shuffle+Box over+Reverse Crawl are to be loaded with choice of #60, #40, #20 SandBag

  • rotation can be mixed, with goal of completing as many laps ad possible as a team
  • allow for the person ahead of you to finish ladder and advance over first box before you step into ladder
  • keep all three SandBags moving through the gauntlet of exercises with handoffs after ever lap
  • never allow the any SandBag to come to REST on the ground
  • each team will have (3) sandbags: (1)#60, (1)#40, (1)#20

3.REST station is awaiting turn

  • all rest is not scheduled but forced by rotation into ropes station or sandbag gauntlet