The Foundry Union Station – CrossFit


Context: Practice

Mobility: Shoulders


A1: Pull-ups (6 x 2-5 @3013)

6 sets x 2-5 reps ( 3 down, no pause, 1 up, 3 second hold at top)

if can’t hold at top use ring rows with same tempo.

jump if need it on the way up.

same reps across.

12-15 minutes to complete A1+A2

A2: Weighted Dips (6x 4-7 @4011)

6 sets x 4-7 reps (4 down, no pause, 1 up, 1 hold at top)

using matadors or rings.

Don’t need to add weight if tempo doesn’t allow it.

Work on full range of motion

same reps across

if dips are not an option, work on push ups or ring push ups with same tempo.

Skill Work

Rowing technique review


B: (17.11.14) Row your boat (MAP 2/3) (Calories)

In a 2:30 min clock (1min on/1:30 rest)

Row 8 intervals for calories

Total time (20 min)

The goal is to learn to pace and establish repeatable results.

score is the lowest round.
Set the clock to

1 min work

Rest :15 second

X 16

Cash Out

4 rounds not for time

7 burpees

80 ft SA Waiter’s carry (OH carry ) AHAP per side

:30 sec handstand hold

21 band pull aparts (chest level)