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Context: Training



A1: Weighted Ring Muscle Up (5 sets x 1-3 reps)

Use weight as a added challenge to strict muscle ups.

If strict muscle ups are not present but kipping are. Work on negative transitions and weighted pull ups/ring dips + kipping ones or transition.

If MU are not present, work on transitions + pull ups and dips progressions.
Scale to:

a) kipping MU, slow negative

b)strict L-Pull Up + ring dip x 3

c)negative Pull up + matador dip

A2: Handstand Push-ups (5 sets x 1-5 reps )

5 sets x 1-5 reps.

(strict or kip)


a)3 second negative to kip

b) 3 second negative to kick up

c)box negative

d)seated db press


B: (18.02.27) 4-3-2-1 (Time)

CAP 18

4 rounds for time:

400 m run (or 500 m row)

30 Double Unders* (athletic: attempts + dubs, health: singles)

20 Wall balls (20/14*/10#)

10 CTB pull ups ( Athletic*: 7 CTB, Health: 10 jumping CTB

RX+ : 5/3* Ring MU, instead of CTB

*women’s RX

Scaling Guideline: 12-16