Trodo Games. Last month many boxes across Chicago competed in the Trodo Games. Participation in both the Trodo open and games bring members of each gym together within their home box as well as help us meet other athletes in the Chicago area. It’s a way to compete that’s also fun. Box participation has a big influence on score so even if you aren’t a competitive athlete, you can still help the team on their way to Trodo Games victory. If you haven’t been a part of this great event yet, be sure to ask a coach about getting involved and stay tuned for updates on the next Trodo open.

From Coach Noah “Trodo was awesome. I loved being a part of it for the third time. The experience is special. I love seeing people from other Crossfit boxes mingle and cheer on their friends. The competitive aspect is a huge part of it, but it enjoy seeing people get small victories. It isn’t strange to see people screaming their heads off cheering on someone they don’t know to finish a workout. Trodo is more than a competition. It’s a chance for people to put themselves out there and challenge themselves. It’s building a strong community and I can’t wait to see it grow.”

In last month’s Trodo Games, The Foundry took 1st (Jenni, Jon, Kumuda, Wayne) and 3rd place (Alecia, Jenny, Jordan, Will)!

Here are the results from the last Trodo Games