Trodo Games 11.2013 Event 1The Foundry sent three teams to the Trodo Box League Games on Saturday, November 9, 2013 at CrossFit Freedom in Libertyville, Illinois.  The 21 teams had to complete a series of four workouts throughout the day.  The energy in the box was electric all day, and the athletes did not disappoint in showing everyone what they were capable of.

The first workout was a series of 15-foot rope climbs, sprint box jump-overs, more 15-foot rope climbs, and a lunge complex.  The ropes proved to be the deciding factor for a lot of the teams, as many teams did not finish the workout, and many didn’t finish the second set of rope climbs.  The Foundry 2 team (Alecia Taylor, Kumuda Pradhan, Bill Werges, and Wayne Banks) finished 12th, with The Foundry 3 (Noah LaPorte, Rosalind Bowie, Yasmin Carlos, and Jordan Roland) and The Foundry 1 (Tom Kousgaard, Nicole Powers, Joe Roark, and Jenni Hartman) in spots 13 and 15, respectively.

The second workout was an individual workout – each team had to nominate a member to complete the workout of double-unders and snatches.  This time, double-unders were what tripped athletes up.  After the chalk settled, Joe Roark from The Foundry 1 took 1st place, Bill Werges from The Foundry 2 took 8th, and Noah LaPorte from The Foundry 3 took 12th.

The third workout was a 2000 meter sprint on the rower – the three team members that did not compete the second workout had to compete in this round.  The ladies rowed some of their fastest splits ever – Nicole Powers reported an 8 second PR on her 500 meter sprint, and many of the ladies went sub-2:00 on that portion of the row.  The Foundry 2 team reported a super-fast sub-7:00 time for 3rd place in the workout, while The Foundry 1 and The Foundry 3 teams both reported sub-8:00 times.

Trodo Games 11.2013 Event 4The final workout was a team total of two-rep max shoulder-to-overhead. The twist on this workout was that there were no racks available, so team members had to assist in lifting the heavy weights for the athletes.  Many athletes hit 1RM or 2RM PRs in this workout – Nicole Powers hit 120#, Jenni Hartman hit 150#, Kumuda Pradhan hit 170#, Noah LaPorte hit 255#, Jordan Roland hit 265#, and Wayne Banks hit 270#.

The final standings after the four workouts found The Foundry 2 on the podium in 3rd place, and The Foundry 1 and The Foundry 3 teams tied for 11th.

We are very proud of all of our athletes – every single one gave 100% and put themselves out there!

This was the first Trodo Games in a series of events that will continue every month.  The next Trodo Games Open is being held this Saturday, November 16th, at 9:00am, with qualifying teams competing at CrossFit Defined Lincoln Square on December 14th.  Build your team of four and participate! There are multiple categories for different level athletes, and the goal is to have as many members as possible compete.  Put yourself out there, and we’ll see you Saturday!