We all have those days. You wake up feeling good. You get into the gym with the best intentions. You run through the warm up and then it hits you – your body just isn’t firing like it should. This isn’t a sign you should pack up your bag and head home, it’s a sign that you need to adapt your training. Maybe you scale something slightly more than you usually do or sub out an exercise for a different one. There’s nothing wrong with that so long as you don’t start using it as an excuse. Feeling a little tired or lazy isn’t an excuse to scale down! Muscles feeling sore, lacking range of movement or minor injuries are.


Monday training:

Max ring dips – 23,16,15,15,18

Push Jerk – 5×3

205, 225, 235, 225×2, Stopped

12min AMRAP

5 Power Snatch @165

12 Step ups (20″, 40lbs)

12 Ring Push Ups

Score – 5 Rnds 17 reps

Played around with Toes to bar and Pull up complexes.


This session started out as planned but I felt a bit of pain during the push jerks in my groin. The step ups in the AMRAP felt good but that was the first focused work testing my groin in a couple of months. Overall not a bad day of training.


Tuesday Training:

I came in with the plan of a longer AMRAP involving burpees, deadlifts and box jumps. 2 Problems. My groin was more sore than it had been the day before. Maybe it was the push jerks, maybe the step ups but either way box jumps were out of the question. When I set the bar to 135# on deadlift warm ups my lower back felt a little weak and unstable. Not sure why but I decided that if 135# was causing problems going to 225# for sets of 20 wasn’t the right idea. So my training changed to this:

5min AMRAP Burpees – 100 reps

8mins rest then:

1min on/1min off burpees


3×10 strict pull ups


Overall this sucked. Lets face it high rep burpees aren’t fun but it felt good to put up some solid numbers. Last year in the open I hit 112 burpees in 7 mins…