A: Press

Warm-ups are variable to the individual. Bottom line prepare to lift don’t burn out. Here are some suggested warm-up sets, perform between 2-5 sets never completing more than half the reps you could actually have lifted with that weight.

General percentages guidelines: 50% 20RM , 75% 10RM, 85% 5RM, 90% 3RM, 100% 1RM


warm-up sets – 10:00

x10 @ #45/35 – x5-8 @ 60% – x3-6 @ 70% – x1-3 @ 80% – x1-3 @ 90%

REST 1:00 between sets (basically enough time to change weight)


working sets – 15:00

The goal is to lift straight sets, meaning this will be a sustained effort across working sets without changing weight. This is not an attempt at a 1RM PR, it is sustained work near your current 1RM as a percentage of your current 1RM.

5×1 @ 95% of strict press 1RM

REST exactly 2:00 between sets

Perform max reps on last set without breaking form. This will help to determine your level of strength endurance as well as if the appropriate weight was used across working sets.



B: Assistance super-set – 15:00

6 sets (minimal transition, REST 1:00 before repeating)

  • x6 bench press
  • x6 strict pull-up (use weight if necessary)


C: MetCon – CAP12

3 rounds

  • 30 KB ground to overhead (switch arms every 5 reps)
  • 20 knees to elbows
  • 50m bear crawl (1 lap around training floor)