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Question of the Day

Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter? Why?


3-5 rounds: Reaction time races

From the bottom of a burpee…

-coach will say “heads up, heads down, heads up, heads down…GO!

-upon hearing GO, athletes will complete the burpee to jump as high as possible then return to the floor

*coach can give the heads up/down cue as many or as few times as they choose, so LISTEN carefully

**this warmup is about REACTION TIME and POWER!

Coach led barbell warmup

Hang Power Clean (5 x 1 Complex)

Complex is…

2x Hang Power Clean

1x Front Squat w/ :02 Pause

*Sets to be completed on a 1:30 Clock

*First set is at 75% of 1RM

*Build weight across working sets

Clean (5 x 8 Touch’n’Go)

*Sets to be completed on a 2:00 Clock

*First set is at ~50% of 1RM

*Build weight across working sets

*Reps must be consecutive Touch’n’Go!!!

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

9 Rounds :30 Work | :30 Rest

Rotate Through…

A. Burpees

B. Box Jumps

C. Kettlebell Snatch (53/35)

*Score is total reps accumulated across all movements


KB (70/53)