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Pizza Tag: 3 minutes (x2)

– Balance an abmat on one hand while trying to knock other’s “pizza” out of their hand and avoiding your “pizza” getting knocked off.

– If your pizza falls to the ground, do 7 air squats or 3 burpees


25 minutes of total working mobility, ~ 30-35 minutes total time (coach led)

– Foam Roll or smash lats: 2 min each side

– Lax ball first rib/scapular smash: 2 min each side

– Lax ball pec smash: 1 min each side

– Banded lat stretch: 1.5 min each side

– Lax ball forearm smash on box: 2 min each side

– Barbell Tricep smash: 2 min each side

– Banded wrist distraction: 1.5 each side



– You may do the full metcon if you have no plans to participate in the CrossFit Open workout on Friday

– You may do half the metcon or opt out if you plan to participate in the Open workout on Friday

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

“Tabata Something Else”

1. tabata pullups

2. tabata pushups

3. tabata situps

4. tabata squats

*This is one full tabata of each movement before moving on to the next tabata. No rest between tabatas.

**If you are going the “Open Prep” route, do this: pullup, pushup, situp, squat (one interval of each movement for 2-3 tabata rounds)>>this will NOT count as RX