The Foundry Union Station – CrossFit

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A1: Close Grip Bench Press (5 x 5)

Hands 16″ apart. (hands just outside the smooth area of the bar)

Focus on elbows close to the ribcage and shoulders back and down towards the bench.

A2: Weighted Pull-ups (5 x 3-5 )

Work on adding weight to your pull ups. During the pull up challenge we incresed the capacity, now let’s work on overall strength.


B: (11.08.18) (AMRAP – Reps)

2 rounds of:

2: 00 bike

rest :30 seconds

2:00 row

rest :30 seconds

2:00 minute 40ft shuttle run

rest: 30 seconds

2: 00 minute agility ladder work

rest :30 seconds
This could be use an active recovery or a hard metcon.

If going for active recovery keep it at conversational pace.

if going for reps: score is total cals on bike, row and shuttle runs (touch line required)

B: (MAP 10) 20 minutes Row (Active Recovery) (Calories)

optional active recovery.