At The Foundry, we believe in training for life, whether that be in or out of the gym.  We host a number of fun events throughout the year to give you the opportunity to express your fitness and have fun.

Foundry Total Recap

The Foundry Total was a smash success.  Here are some of the highlights

  • We had 18 competitors – and across the three lifts, there was a total of 26 PR’s!
  • Danielle Williams and Grace McAlexander had triple PR’s
  • Juan Arciniegas, Ryan Crabtree, and Tyler Hohs along with Amy Gowans, Kaitlin Munn, Kaitlyn McIlvain, Katie Schott, and Yvette Calderon had double PR’s!
  • Winners were as follows:
    • Open Men: Juan A.
    • Masters Men: JQ
    • Masters+ Men: Dan S.
    • Open Women: Meg Caron,
    • Masters Women: Danielle Williams
    • Masters+ Women: Amy Gowans

Everyone had a great time and we had a post party 20+ strong at First Draft afterward.  Congratulations to all participants, and thank you to everyone who helped out! Also a special thank you to our team:  Jeremy for spearheading and MC’ing the event, Jeff for standards, judging, and logistics, Bob for videography, Paige & Olivia for photography, social media, and snack tastings, Jared for his help judging, and Rich for going beast mode and helping out between sets!  Awesome job team!

Check out the After Movie:


With The Foundry Total recently behind us, we’re not slowing down but instead have an even more exciting two months ahead of us!  I’m thrilled to announce the 2017 Foundry Open!

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