Well done to all of you who have registered for The Foundry Open already!  Our goal is 80 participants and we’re already halfway there.  In this post, I’m excited to reveal the team captains as well as the scoring method for the competition.  If you missed the first post, read up on the background info here.

Still on the fence?  Here are some great reasons to participate:

  • Five weeks of awesome events with your #foundryfam.
  • The chance to bond with your AM or PM crew.
  • Cool prizes for the winning team.
  • Post party for all participants.
  • The winning team will receive The Foundry Cup and bragging rights for the next year!

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Announcing Team Captains!


The Foundry Open 2017 Captains


Introducing the captains of The Foundry Open 2017!  This awesome group of leaders is committed to pushing their team to become the Foundry Open 2017 champions!!  Presenting… From top left going clockwise, here are your captains:

  • Christine (PR, AM) is a social butterfly and clearly knows how to have a good time. Team members can expect numerous social events that might include some ice cold beers!
  • Tyler (US, AM) hits the gym 324 days per year. He’s clearly committed to winning and will expect his team to show up regularly for 6am practice. No slackers allowed!
  • Amy (PR, AM) has a heart of gold and wants everyone to succeed. She’s been known to bring a tribe of fanatic supporters to the gym. Look for her to really bring it on game day!
  • Jen (US, AM) is always amped to try new things. Whether it’s trapeze yoga or bouldering, her team is bound for adventure and fun! Grab your harness and helmet, y’all! Additionally, her photography skills are on point… Say cheese!
  • Laura (US, PM) holds down the evenings at Union Station. Rumor has it she’s an excellent host and a closet mobility expert. Team members, we foresee some late night foam rolling parties in your future!
  • Grace (PR, PM) hit triple PRs at the Foundry Total last month. She works well under pressure and will encourage her team to also. Be on the lookout for Team Trifecta!
  • Ken (PR, PM) kept his training going while traveling the world earlier this year. In Ken’s opinion, there’s no excuse not to sweat. He may even speak to you in an Aussie accent. Get ready, mates!
  • Marisa (US, PM) has a consistent positive attitude and a competitive spirit. She’s been known to hijack the tunes to get psyched for a workout. Get ready for dance parties and maybe even some gangsta rap karaoke!

Good luck, captains!! May the odds be ever in your favor!

Scoring Criteria

With captains selected and members registering, let’s go over the rules & scoring.  The Foundry Open is about community, giving your all, and rallying your tribe.  Points are earned through participating in the workouts, showing team spirit, and team gatherings inside and outside the gym.  At the end of each week, points will be tallied and the team leaderboard will be updated.  Here’s how you earn points:


ActivityScoring Method


For each team member at the gym during Friday Night LightsEach member checked in to your team name in the “Event” program in Wodify1pt per athlete
Team Picture during Friday Night LightsPost a photo and tag @thefoundrychi (IG or check-in to FB) and hashtag #foundryopen20171pt per athlete in photo
New PRObtain a new lifting PR in a workout (as recorded by Wodify), or perform a movement Rx for the first time.  Submit to coaches for validation.2pt (limit 1 per athlete, per week)
Team Bonding (1 per week)More than 60% of your team together outside the gym.  Tag @thefoundrychi (IG or check-in to FB) and hashtag #foundryopen2017

*cannot be in our building or within 400m of either gym location

Team Practice (1 per week)5 or more people In the gym for a team practice. Tag a picture with @thefoundrychi (IG or check-in to FB) and hashtag #foundryopen20175pts
Team Spirit (Weekly)Judged by coaches at the end of each event.

Examples of how to score highly:

  • Team uniforms
  • Cheering
  • Props / signs
Best Team NameJudged by coaches10pts


What are you waiting for???

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