Tonight the first CrossFit Games Open Workout will be released and we are going to be hosting our own competition within the gym.

All registered athletes have been assigned to a team led by your friendly Foundry Coaches and Brad the grouch. Each week after the workout has been posted you will have the chance to contribute to your team’s score and help to win The Foundry 2013 title. The top 10 Rx scores from your team will be averaged out for your team score and the results will posted up every Monday. We have split the teams to try and give an even competition but you never know how your performance will affect the overall team score!

Below are the teams, listed alphabetically (cry babies) (captains scores count towards the team):

Team Brad

Bernardo V, Dave L, Fei W, Kevin F, Jack D, Jenni H, Jim A, Joe R, Kiki T, Mike C, Mike M, Priscilla D, Rob V, Vicki V,Yong Soo

Team Jon

Bill W, Brian W, Dana B, David K, Eric C, Glen C, Grace B, Imran, Jean C, Jim M, Manny A, Nikki G, Sophia, Steve P, Todd K

Team Noah

Alecia T, Alfredo, BJ, Dani J, Jason H, Kash, Ketchup, Kimberly H, Michael M, Michelle A, Nicholas W, Quinn, Rachel G, Spazz, Wayne

Team JQ

Amanda B, Ethan T, Jess W, Kmoodz, Mark S, Mike G, Pat B, Paul P, PJ, Powers, Renate F, Ripper, Tiffaney, Tommy W


It’s not too late to sign up for the Open! Visit www.games.crossfit.com and follow the links to sign up to compete. Once you sign up you will be assigned to a team randomly (next person to sign up is on Team Brad!)


Any questions please ask any of the coaches. Team Jon please report for a briefing 0400 tomorrow.