The half way point in the CrossFit Games competition brought back a familiar workout for some people – 13.3 was 12.4 in last years Open. For some that meant the realization that muscle ups would again hold them back, others saw it as an opportunity to make a big push for their first muscle up and others just wanted to master the double unders.

It’s safe to say people realized the effort required for the workout (mainly the next day walking down stairs) but even so everyone turned up and gave everything they had to put up a big score. Whilst we didn’t have as many people hit muscle ups as we had hoped it was great to see people trying everything they could until the clock ran out.

In the team competition, consistency was the key and the teams with strong double unders came out on top:

Team JQ – 2,384

Team Jon – 2,356

Team Brad – 2,185

Team Noah – 2,132

In addition, The Foundry moved up from 58th -> 49th in the North Central regional standings and Jon Colborn moved up from 17th -> 10th in the region (101st worldwide).


This puts the standings at:

=1. Team JQ – 5 points

=1. Team Jon – 5 points

=3. Team Brad – 10 points

=3. Team Noah – 10 points


Below are The Foundry leaderboards:

Men’s Leaderboard

Women’s Leaderboard

Team Leaderboard

With just 2 weeks left it’s all to play for to get the top spot in the gym!