So after 5 weeks of competition the results are in!

Week 4 saw a ladder couplet of clean and jerks and toes to bar. It gave many people in the gym an opportunity to achieve their first toes to bar rep having previously though it was impossible. Some of those people then went on to put up some great scores¬†achieving¬†multiple rounds of both movements. With the Intra-Gym competition reaching it’s conclusion many people repeated the workout in the hope that 1 or 2 extra reps would push their team to the top spot. Here are the results:

1. Team JQ – 623

2. Team Jon – 600

3. Team Brad – 563

4. Team Noah – 541


Leaving the overall standings after 4 workouts at:

1. Team JQ – 6 points

2. Team Jon – 7 points

3. Team Brad – 13 points

4. Team Noah – 14 points


Week 5 saw a variation on a previously seen workout. The combination of thrusters and pull ups is always a dreaded workout but this came with the added bonus of giving over achievers the chance to work for double the time or even triple. 15 thrusters followed by 15 chest to bar pull ups for 4 minutes seemed bad enough, but if you were lucky enough to complete 3 rounds (90 reps) you were given another 4 minutes to continue. Again, we saw numerous people achieving their first ever chest to bar pull ups and then going on to hit multiple reps of them.

The team scores for the final workout:

1. Team Jon – 624

2. Team JQ – 554

3. Team Brad – 511

4. Team Noah – 491


This gives us the overall placements as:

Joint 1st – Team JQ and Team Jon – 8 points

3rd – Team Brad – 16 points

4th – Team Noah – 18 points


Congratulation to everyone who took part in the Open this year. We saw lots of people go beyond previous performances and put up some great scores. New movements were achieved by many and I think everyone had a good time doing it. The training for next year starts now!

In the meantime buy a ticket for the regional event at Navy Pier and lets get a great showing for The Foundry!