The Foundry Union Station – Team Metcon

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3 tours pour le temps:

92 double unders (singles)

6 Bar MUs (athletic: CTB, health: jumping CTB)

19 handstand push ups ( athletic: box HSPU, health: push ups)

26 Wall balls 20#/14#/10#

17 burpees

23 oh walking lunges 45#/25#/15# plate

After each round complete:

1st round: 20ft handstand walk ( weighted bear crawl)

2nd round: 40ft handstand walk (same)

3rd round: 60ft handstand walk (same)

The time is called when athletes complete all 3 rounds plus the handstand walk.

*In honor of Coach Cam (Camille D’henau) our exchange Coach from Belgium. Coach Cam showed outstanding coaching skills as well as bringing an extra level of energy to all the classes both as a Coach and Athlete. The Foundry Family is really thankful for her stay with us and we wish her nothing but greatness in her future endeavors. We will miss her.
If done with a partner, all movements can be divided as athletes choose, however, movements must be completed in order.