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Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Teams of 3, one person working at the time. Teams can split the work as desired. (This allows for some strategy 😉 )

For total rounds and reps:

11 min AMRAP (Rounds and Reps)

100m run* w/ sand bag (40#/20#/14# medball)

5 burpees

10 sit ups

15 air squats

rest 3 min

11 min AMRAP

250 m row*

20 ft. front rack lunges w/ sand bag **(40#/20#/14# medball)

10 ring rows***

5 burpees

*Run counts as 1 rep, row counts as 10 m=1 rep

** Lunges count 10ft = 1 rep

** Ring Rows RX is shoulders just under the rings, body parallel to the ground and rings must touch the chest at the top.

RX+ Ring Rows w/ feet on top of a box and at the same height of the rings.