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Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Team WOD

Teams of 4: AMRAP 17

The Goal: As a team-of-four, accumulate as many reps as possible of rowing calories and hang to overhead in 17 minutes.

The Kicker: 1 -Rep Buy-In of Rope climb or 2 rope lowers every time an athlete enters the work area.

Performance: 95#, Athletic #65, Health #45

RX+ 115#, 85#
Workout Summary: Only 2 athletes may work at a time, one on the rower and one on a barbell . There are no minimum or maximum work requirements, but when a switch in athlete happens, the incoming athlete must complete 1 rope climb before beginning work on the rower or the barbell. The rope climb may only begin once the rower handle is racked or the barbell is on the ground.

**Remember, when the workout begins, the two working athletes must complete 1 rope climb before beginning their work on the rower and the barbell!**

The Score: Total Calories + Hang-to-Overhead reps

Hang – to – Overhead = hang power snatch or hang power clean to push press or push jerk.