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Carla Modified (Time)

5 Rounds for Time (in a Team of 2)

400 meter Run (together)

30 Deadlifts (2 x 50 lb) (2 x 35 lb) (2 x 20lb)

30 Sit-Ups

This workout requires 2 team members to perform the prescribed work.

When performing the workout with gym equipment, use barbells and other available equipment. But this workout was designed for military units, so it was originally intended to be done with two .50-cal ammo cans (50 pounds each) per soldier. But you can use kettlebells, dumbbells, or any weights available at your gym as substitutes.

Team will start at the same time from the same location. Individuals will run 400m, returning to the start point. Upon completion of the run, the team will conduct 30 deadlifts with the .50-cal ammo cans; once the 30 deadlifts are complete, they will execute 30 full-range sit-ups.

One person working at a time.

The first round will end after all team members complete a total of 30 DLs and 30 sit-ups.

Rounds 2, 3, 4, and 5 are executed in the exact same order.

Each exercise must be completed before moving on the next one—i.e., you must finish all 30 deadlifts before starting the 30 sit-ups.

However, each exercise may be broken up into sets as desired.