We raised $500 for Barbells for Boobs and $260 for Lift Up Luke! Thank you to everyone who participated. Here are just a few of you have donated by name:

Rachel Gitles

Eric Chen

Chad & Danielle Grant

Jeff Stephens

Tom Kousgaard

Charisse Taylor

Jen Vaughn

Gabe Sandler

Jason Hagen

Lara McManus

Nicole Powers

Sara Fisch

Melodie & Alexa Tang

Jon & Jean Colborn

Megan Raysby

Kevin Fitzpatrick

Jenni Hartman

Erick Neilson

Roberto Paniagua

Orterio Villa

Bill Werges

Brian Wilimzig

Baldwin Baret

And the winner of the free Foundry T shirt with the largest daily donation is Jeff Stephens!