Session 1, Week 1

Spring Endurance Program
Session 1 Week 1

A. Individual Run Workout

2.7 Miles, Easy Effort

Suggested Route:

Start at the gym: run to the “foundry 5k track” run under the Roosevelt bridge, around cotton tail park and to the other side. Follow that road to a dead end, reverse directions (this time go around the park twice) and run back the gym

B. Individual Obstacle/Run Workout

For Time
50 Deadlift (Rx: 1/2 Body Weight)
200 m Run
40 Hang Power Clean
400 m Run
30 Push Jerk
600 m Run
20 Snatch
800 m Run
10 Thruster

Note: Rx on the bar is ½ body weight throughout the workout, modify weight it needed

**These workouts are for Endurance athletes only. The next time to join in will be in Session 2 starting April 7th.