An 8-week intensive program designed to build the skills and confidence necessary to take on the Spartan Race obstacle course.

Spartan SGX @ The Foundry is a Crossfit Endurance-based approach to building aerobic capacity and training obstacle fundamentals. This program will push you outside of your comfort zone and help you forge your best self by introducing you to challenges outside of those typical to our already diverse skillset, and giving you the skills to meet those challenges head on.

Spartan SGX @ The Foundry Chicago

Program Details:

  • Participants: 16 (expected to run Spartan Race)
  • Starts: April 15, 2017
  • Duration: 8 weeks (including one week for taper)
  • Frequency: 3 workouts per week
  • Schedule:
    • Tuesday and Thursday 6:00pm
    • Saturday from 8:30-10:00am
  • Race:
  • Cost:
    • Foundry members: $99 per month for two months (Price increases starting 4/12/17)
    • Non-members: $149 per month for two months (Price increases starting 4/12/17)


What you can expect:

  • The unexpected
  • 3 coached, endurance-based workouts per week
  • 8 total weeks of custom programming
  • 15% off of race registration
  • Kickass Foundry T-shirt
  • Running gait assessment
  • Obstacle training and preparation
  • Running technique and efficiency skill training
  • Mobility and nutrition strategies
  • Race gear assessment and preparation
  • Race day coaching for Spartan Sprint participants
    • Live, real-time coaching during the race for Sprint participants

Optional Add-ons:

  • Detailed video analysis tracking individual progress through the program


How To Register


Spartan SGX @ The Foundry will be a limited class reserved for the first 16 participants. Save $40 when you register before 4/12/17.

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For additional info email jeff@thefoundrychicago.com or greg@thefoundrychicago.com

Meet Your Coaches

Coach Greg is an accomplished Obstacle Course Racer and has qualified for the OCR World Championships multiple times. He is Crossfit Endurance certified and has hosted endurance seminars and coached the pose method since 2011. He also has a great beard, and with great beard comes great responsibility.

Coach Jeff is a neat guy and has every certification known to man. Some even say that he once coached Chuck Norris, and is solely responsible for training his roundhouse kick that is so fast it can reverse the rotation of the Earth. Coach Jeff holds a Crossfit Level 1,000 certification and has been coaching since before he was born.  In addition he has competed in multiple obstacle races around United States.