The Foundry Printers Row – Team CrossFit

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Spartan SGX preview (Time)

200m run

1 rig traverse end to end (30 burpee penalty if broken assessed at the end of movement)*

400m run

Slam balls over the shoulder 25 reps 50-40/30-20

600m run

Sled pull/push* (90/45) (Penalty assessed if athlete walks backwards with sled or missed attempt)

800m run

Hercules Hoist 3 reps* (From seated position. Penalty assessed if athlete stands during lift)

600m run

60 m Bear crawl

-(grab sandbag) (40/20)

400m run w/ sandbag (40/20)

Rope climb x2 (no jumping)*

200m run

Spear throw – dodge ball to target (one shot, penalty if missed)