Hey Team! Many have been curious in the past to know what the Saturday WoD is. Well the mystery is finally revealed, join us tomorrow for a date with a couple of cool chicks.  “Kelen” is a team interpretation of the girls workouts “Karen” and “Helen”.  JQ, Zack, and Tiff will be running the show, so you know that means there is a dance party involved!  Bring a partner or just show up tomorrow!!  Mobility at 8, Team WoD at 9!

“Kelen”  (2 per team)

Pair #1: “Karen”

– 150 wall ball shots (20/14)

-Every minute both partners must complete 5 burpees


Pair #2: “Helen”

– 6 rds

– 400 Meter run

– 21 Kb swings

– 12 Pull Ups

– While one partner runs 400 meters the other must complete 21 Kb swings and 12 pull-ups. The partner that finishes first will rest until the other has finished to begin the next round.


When both pairs have finished the first workout they will switch and immediately begin the next one.

Score: Total Time

Karen + Helen = KELEN!!!!