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The Foundry Printers Row, The Foundry Union Station – Team CrossFit

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Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

OTM 30

Teams of 4


P1 – Thrusters (95/65) – 1 Rep

P2 – Burpee Box Jumps – 1 Rep


P3 – Weighted Plate Sit-Ups (25/15) – 2 Reps

P4 – Toes to Bar – 2 Reps

Partners alternate rep-for-rep.

P1 does 1 Thruster then P2 does 1 Burpee Box Jump. Then P1 Thrusters then P2 Burpee Box Jumps.

P3 does 2 Toes to Bar then P4 does 2 Weighted Plate Sit-Ups. Then P3 does 2 T2B then P4 does 2 Weighted Sit-Ups.

Partners continue trading reps for the working minute. OTM partners switch position – P1 and P2 switch / P3 and P4 switch. Continue same pattern of reps. On 3rd minute whole team rest together. Partners will then switch to other movements ie P1/P2 go to P3/P4.