Again Faster GripsWith all the gymnastics we are doing this week, your hands are likely being put to the test.  Tears prevent you from doing bar movements, so we want to avoid that if at all possible.  To groom properly, invest in a nail file or pumice stone from your local drug store.  While in the shower, spend some time sanding down the calluses.  You want to sand down the excess bumps and ridges, as these are the parts that get caught and tear, without going too deep and removing all the hardened skin.

Another good investment is the gymnastics grips from Again Faster. The grips are essentially a rectangular piece of leather with a velcro wrist strap.  The leather covers the calluses below the middle and ring fingers, the most likely to tear.  They help you survive WoD’s with high volumes of pull-ups, knees to elbows, toes to bar, etc.  Also they feel a lot more natural than gloves, and don’t get sweaty/hot.  I’ve had mine for about a year and they still work good as new.