Registration has just opened for the 2013 CrossFit Games Season.  Some of you have been training every Saturday since we opened in June in preparation for this competition, while others may just now be learning about it. Either way, we want you on the team, so continue reading to find out more about the competition and how you can participate!

What are the CrossFit Games?

The 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games season is a three-stage test of fitness, comprised of the Open, Regionals, and the world championship, the CrossFit Games.  The season kicks off with the Open, the most inclusive competition in the world.  The top athletes and teams in each region from the Open will move onto Regionals. The best athletes and teams at Regionals will compete at the CrossFit Games, the world’s premier test to find the Fittest on Earth.

The Open stage of the competition takes place at the gym.  Each Wednesday starting March 6th, CrossFit HQ posts an open workout.  We have until Sunday to complete and submit scores.  Each week as new workouts are scored, the points are updated and rankings are adjusted.  At the conclusion of the five week competition, the top 60 men and women and the top 30 teams are invited to Regionals.  Our region (North Central) comprises IL, WI, MN, IO, MO, AR, ND, SD, NE, KS, and OK and for the past two years our regional has been held in Chicago or nearby.  The Regionals take place over three days, with the top three men, women, and teams advancing to the Championships in Carson, Ca.

Coach Brad judging 2011 North Central Champ Brandon Pastorek

Coach Brad judging 2011 North Central Champ Brandon Pastorek


Why You Should Sign Up

  1. It’s Fun! – Each week we will be doing the Open WoD at The Foundry.  The gym will be transformed into a competition floor and everyone will be cheering for you to perform your best!  Find out what you are truly capable of and see how you stack up against your CrossFit friends.
  2. Help The Foundry Team – Each week, the top three men and women’s scores will be counted toward our team total for that week.  You never know when YOUR workout will come up, you may surprise yourself, kick butt, and have your score count towards our team total!  Help us reach our goal of qualifying for Regionals!
  3. Find Out How Far You Have Come – Remember your first day when you almost died after the Baseline workout?  You are not that person anymore.  See just how far you have come by proving yourself in the World’s premier test of fitness.  When you go to Regionals, the Games, watch in person or on TV you will know you did the same workouts as the best athletes in the world!

We need as many people on our team as possible.  Everyone who participated last year had an amazing experience, so if you are thinking about it – just do it!

How to Register

  1. Go to games.crossfit.com – on the top right, click “Compete Here”
  2. Complete the registration form & athlete profile ($20)
  3. Select our affiliate “Printers Row CrossFit”
  4. Join our team “The Foundry – Printers Row”