Competitor Program

The Foundry offers a CrossFit Competitor Training Program for athletes that are interested in competing at local, regional, and worldwide CrossFit competitions. The program will prepare you to be a high-level athlete by building your strength, skill level, conditioning, and competition preparation.


The program is separate from our regular class offerings, but includes some regular classes. By committing to the program, you agree to follow the guidelines set by the coaches each week. You will receive a weekly program layout to follow, along with training tips, tools, and guidance from our head coaching staff.

225# Squat Cleans to End the Weekend

In addition to the weekly program, there are various meetings, training sessions, and pre-competition preparatory gatherings that will require some additional time on your part. Be prepared to participate in The CrossFit Games season, and other competitions such as The Granite Games and Trodo Box League to test your competition strength and fitness.

Program Design Overview

We develop and employ templates and sub templates relating to the performance athlete looking to compete in the official CrossFit Games season. This is done in a manner of periodization to support continued development along the strength/skill continuum.

The off-season program begins in the summer post games with strength waves building the base power lifts through limit, repetition, and sub maximal efforts. There is no Met-Con specific conditioning during this cycle. Instead accommodation is made for speed work and plyometric activities. This keeps the body responsive to the production and varied applications of force.

Transition begins in the fall to more technical and skill based movements along with the reintroduction of Met-Con. Olympic lifting waves consist of percentage based positional work coupled with complexes and scheduled test lifts. The gymnastic skills are practiced in volume as the focus shifts to skill capacity. Conditioning efforts are built to pace the athlete and ready them with an accessible cardio/strength base.

Winter session is a competition workup phase. It is Met-Con intensive and built around volume in every modality skill set to refine each movement through repetition. As we come closer to the CrossFit Opens volume in tapered as conditioning is intensified. Priorities include intensity over volume, tissue and joint health, establishing accurate measures of capacity through testing protocols and strategy sessions.

The Spring brings the 4-month CrossFit Games competition season. Kicking off with the world-wide Open Qualifiers, followed by Live Regional Events, and finally, The CrossFit Games Championships. We support full participation for every athlete at their best. This includes training specific to the athletes goals and potential to qualify for the next level.

Note: for any athlete not qualified forward the remainder of the CrossFit Games season, the program simply consists of regular class programming or specific training of their choice guided by a Foundry Competitor Coach.


Being part of the competition team is the best way to achieve the results you want as a CrossFit competitor. If you have goals of being a team or individual CrossFit athlete, this program is for you.

CrossFit Games Open 13.1 @ The Foundry

Our athletes have reached top level finishes in the CrossFit Games Open and other Regional competitions, in addition to other endurance events such as obstacle races, triathlons, rowing competitions, and 5K/10K/Half-Marathon/Marathon races. Members have also reported being more competitive in other lifestyle sports – softball leagues, basketball leagues, etc – as a result of the competitive training program.

Our goal as a gym is to field both individuals and a team to compete at The CrossFit Games in Carson, CA, with an intermediate stop at the North Central Regional Qualifier.

How Do I Get Started?

If you are interested in joining the Foundry Competitor Training Program, contact Jon Colborn, Head Coach and Programming Director.