Here at The Foundry we are all about making you better athletes and giving you the knowledge to improve your skills. For this reason we are now pleased to announce a new addition to the schedule – Sunday Skills Class!


Join Coach John every Sunday at Printers Row for a 45min class dedicated to improve your abilities on a variety of skills. You will start with 20-30mins of technique work and then finish with an opportunity to test out your new found abilities! Note: there is now ‘workout’ in this class. The class will start at 11:30am and involve:

  • Movement breakdown
  • Progressions
  • Advanced variations of movements
  • The chance to practice the movement and get a greater level of instruction!


The schedule for the classes is:

5/18 – Double Unders

5/25 – Pull Ups

6/1 – Toes To Bar

6/8 – Handstands Part 1

6/15 – Handstands Part 2

6/22 – Kettlebells

6/29 – Rowing

7/6 – Ring Skills

7/13 – Muscle Ups

7/20 – Atlas Stones

7/27 – Log Press


Remember to register on the website and we will see you this Sunday!

Ring Skills for days!

Ring Skills for days!