Thank you to our incredible group of athletes – our community rocketed past 100 within 6 weeks of the Grand Opening and continues to grow.  In response, we are expanding our class schedule, adding three new class programs and a dedicated CrossFit Games training program.  New schedule goes into effect this Monday, August 6.

New WoD times:

  • 5am Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday
  • 7:30pm  Monday

CrossFit Endurance is our endurance sports training program dedicated to improving performance and potential in endurance sports.  CFE is based on a foundation of and performed in addition to regular CrossFit workouts. Our endurance program takes a unique approach that develops power and speed in addition to cardiovascular endurance.

  • 6:30pm Wednesdays and Fridays

Olympic lifting is unique in its ability to develop power and coordination.  Requiring use of nearly the entire body, almost no other exercises will train the central nervous system as efficiently.  Regular olympic lifting will dramatically increase athletic performance, bone mineral density, and improve body composition.  Plus its fun!  Spend 45 minutes with Coach Jon and improve your technique, power, and confidence.

  • 7:30pm Tuesdays and Thursday

Of the ten physical skills, flexibility is frequently the one that limits the performance of otherwise good athletes (hello overhead squat).  Our new Mobility class is dedicated to improving your range of motion.

  • 10:15am Saturday

The Benchmark Workouts are named as such because of their ability to test your athletic ability and willpower.  Benchmark Club is an opportunity to establish and improve  scores on all the CrossFit Benchmark Workouts.

  • 11am Saturdays

CrossFit Games Training: We are starting our preparation for the 2013 CrossFit Games now.  Games training is open to all members with the desire to improve themselves.  We will meet for two hours each Saturday to perform multiple WoD’s and improve skill.  Games athletes typically perform the benchmark WoD plus stay for the games team training.  Highly competitive individuals have individualized supplemental programming.

  • 12-2pm Saturdays

See the new schedule live on our website.