Caution: Bear Crossing

Caution: Bear Crossing

Attention athletes: we’ve added a new class to the schedule: METCON 1!  Want to improve your power and speed for team sports?  Are you an endurance athlete looking to develop your stamina for next season? Or did you miss a WoD this week and have a little extra sweat to give?

This unique, Foundry only class will prepare you for the highest level of Metabolic Readiness Condition, METCON 1!

METCON 1 is a fast-paced, fun workout that forgoes barbells and heavy lifting in favor of endurance and the sport specific application of CrossFit. The five readiness components utilized are:
– Rowing / Running
– Core Development
– Plyometrics
– SAQ (Speed, Agility, & Quickness) Drills
– Calisthenics

Initial class offerings are as follows: Monday 7:30pm, Wednesday 11am, Friday 7am and 6:30pm.  More will be added in response to demand.