Muscle-Up / Pulling Clinic:

This clinic, lead by Head Coach Jeff Arias, is for athletes who are close to getting their first muscle-up and those who can do them and would like to improve.

In this 2 hour clinic, we will go over the basic mechanics and mobility drills of Muscle-Ups (ring and bar), as well as advanced pull-up techniques like Chest to Bar and Butterflies.

Your experience at this clinic will be more effective if you possess the following strength requirements:

  • 3+ strict pull-ups
  • 3+ strict ring dips
  • Kipping pull-ups

At the end of the day, you will receive a 4 week MU program to follow with the drills presented during the session. (Access through Wodify)

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from class?

Although we teach skills during classes, it is not the only focus of the day. Clinics such as this one will spend more time with drills and efficiency tips for the movements. Additionally, you will receive access to the 4-week program.

Who should attend?

This is a great clinic for anyone who currently has a muscle-up and wants to become better at them, as well as anyone who is really close or has been struggling to get their first for a while. Meeting the strength required is recommended.

What if I don’t have the required strength?

The required strength guidelines are there for the safety of the shoulder joint and to allow you to get the most out of the clinic. Not meeting the strength requirements may limit your participation in some activities, however, if you would still like to participate we will work with you to find an effective stimulus. Look forward to a future clinic on “Getting my first pull up”.

Will I get my first muscle up that day?

Assuming you have the required strength and mobility, most likely, you will get a muscle-up. However, new movement patterns take time to develop and to become automatic. That’s why the 4-week program will be really useful. Even if you get one Muscle-up during the clinic, the secret to Mastery is consistent practice.

Details & Registration

Date: Saturday, February 10th

Time: 11am – 1pm

Location: The Foundry – 123 S. Jefferson St.

Cost: $40 – Members / $50 – Non-Members

*includes 4 week program

Register For Clinic

only 12 spots available!

Foundry Head Coach Jeff Arias has over 7 years experience as a trainer and coach and has helped dozens of people get their first muscle-up.  He holds a CrossFit Level 2, is a current CF-L3 candidate, OPEX-L1, Certified CrossFit Gymnastics coach, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist along with many of the leading fitness and training certifications.