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Deload Week: This means the “instensity and/or volume from strength and some metcons will be lowered in order for your body to rest and recover.




A: Overhead Squat (5 x 4 @1010)

5 sets x 4 reps

@1 down, 1 up

Work at 40-50% of 1RM and use the same weight for all sets (seriously!)


B: Delfin (Time)

For time.

Row 2000m (record time for Row 2000 m TT)

2 min rest

Then 5 rounds

16 one arm kettlebell swing – switch arms desired- (Health: 26lb / Athletic: 35lb* / Performance: 53lb)

40′ walking lunge

40′ bear crawl

*Women’s “Performance” weights and reps (Rx)

Scaling Guide: 17 – 24 minutes, about 8-10 minutes for the row, then 1:45 per round after.

Scale Up Rx+: kb snatches 53/35, 20′ handstand walk instead of the bear crawl