The Foundry Union Station – CrossFit

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A1: Push Press (6 x 3 )

6 sets x 3 reps, every 2:30 minutes.

Start at 50-60% and increase loading every set.

The goal is touch and go reps.

A2: Skill Development (Kipping Pull Ups ) (6 x Max unbroken continuous set or :20 seconds)

Kip Swing


Kipping Pull Up

The goal is to practice your pulling movements.

Depending on your current skill this means working on small sets of Kipping Pull Ups, CTB, BMU or RMU.

However, we are looking to complete continuous unbroken sets. Which is how technique improves, doing ugly singles or reps all over the place don’t develop good technique.

If you are really good at these movements do not go longer than : 20 seconds.


B: Venom (Time)

CAP 15

5 rounds for Time

6 Burpee Deadlift Box Step Over

8 Handstand Push Ups

Athletic: 4 HSPU (1 ab mat allowed)

Fitness: 12 KB/DB push press

No RX’d for Box step over.

Choose your own adventure.