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A1: Push Jerk (6-5-4-4-3-3)

The goal of today is to practice touch and go repetitions.

Start first set around 50-60% of 1RM and increase loading.

A2: Skill Development (Kipping Pull Ups ) (6 x 3-5 )

Kip Swing


Kipping Pull Up

The goal is to practice the skill of kipping ________

A) technique (quarter and half pulls)

B) Kipping Pull up

C) Kipping CTB

D) Butterfly

In between your Push Jerks, complete a set of 3-5 of your current kipping level.

Remember practice doesn’t make perfect, GOOD practice does.


B: 19.0 (part a) (Time)

For time CAP 12:


Shoulder to Overhead

Back Squat

Lateral burpees over the bar

RX: 115/80#

Athletic/ Masters 40+: 95/65#

Fitness / Masters 50+: 75/55#

(if any mobility restrictions don’t allow for back rack transition, using the rig will be allowed but not for RX’d division)

If finish under the time CAP use the remainder time for part “b”

B: 19.0 (part b) (Weight)

After completing Part A under the 12 minute CAP.

Use the remainder time to find a Heavy Single Shoulder to Overhead.


-must complete full extension of knees, hips, and elbows.

-Bar must be in line with the body.

-Feet must be in line before lowering the bar.

– Bar must be in contact with the shoulders in the front rack position before lifting.

-Any press, push press, squat jerk, push jerk, split jerk allowed.