The 5 am crew lookin good this early!

The 5 am crew lookin good this early!

This week we’re spotlighting a group of individuals – regulars from the 5am class!  This group rises before everyone else to get their day started with a WoD at The Foundry.  This time of year, its below freezing and pitch dark at 5am.  Nevertheless, the 5am athletes are not stopped by cold, wind, or snow.  When runs are programmed, they embrace it, never taking the row substitution.  This sets the tone for the entire day (hey, if 5am can do it, so can you!).  Last Friday, a 5k was programmed.  At 5am, it was blizzarding and four inches of snow had accumulated on the ground.  Would they fold this time?  Nope!  All four athletes elected to run, trudging through the deep snow for five kilometers while course marshall Brad ran after and yelled out splits.

Was it cold? Yes!  Did anyone PR? No!  But the group inspired us with their mental fortitude and embodied the true spirit of what it means to be a Foundry athlete: to keep going when its difficult, to use teamwork to overcome a daunting obstacle, and to challenge themselves to perform better and improve.

And so, we salute you, 5am soldiers! We got to ask the group a few questions and here are some of their responses.

The Foundry: Why do you train at 5am? What motivates you to get up so early?

Vicki Villarreal:  I train at 5 am so I can sit on my couch and watch my trash tv shows after work :). I use to workout in the evenings after work but there’s something about beginning your day with an hour to do what makes you happy before you start the grind. I guess it’s similar to what people say they gain from mediating for an hour when they wake up. For me, the WOD gives me the space to not think about anything and to be present in the moment. It helps clear my mind and keep me balanced before I begin my day. I also love the energy of the group. The coaches and the members are all highly motivated during the WOD’s but still like to crack jokes and have a little fun. It makes the rest of your day a little brighter.

The Foundry: What is it about the team atmosphere that allows you to work out hard and make progress?

David Kent: I would say it is a combination of three things. First, there’s the competitive/pride part of the equation: “I can’t stop running, no one else has!” Second, the camaraderie between everyone is fantastic. It really helps to have your classmates cheering you on to get that first PR or break down another barrier. It’s just way better than my old GloboGym routine of listening to a podcast during my workout. 🙂 And last, but definitely not least, without Brad’s passive-aggressive guilt trips I would never do 5K’s in the snow.

The Foundry: What are some of your training goals?

Bernardo Villarreal: My goal is getting better on my lifting techniques. I know I can lift more if I can just get the technique perfected.

The Foundry: What is something we don’t know about you?

Renate Frankel:   With exception of Antarctica, I have lived/worked/visited every continent!

Thanks for your hard work guys! I’ll leave some of the answers not highlighted in this article in the comments below. Be sure to congratulate them and continue to WOD hard!
Conquering the Snowy 5K!

Conquering the Snowy 5K!