“I truly believe that CrossFit has helped me tremendously with my ability to perform as a police officer.” -Roz Bowie

This week were are honoring a Foundry member who really shines in her own light. We would like to highlight Roz  because she is an inspiration to many of us with her amazing strength and beautiful spirit. Roz is always a great member of class and has a fun story to share. She is very encouraging to others and is a great athlete. Read on to find out more about how CrossFit has helped her career and more!


The Foundry: What brought you to The Foundry?
Roz Bowie: What brought me to your “box” was my good friend Victoria, who knows I love fitness and will try anything. When she called me about checking out CrossFit, I was skeptical because I knew people who weren’t the most athletic trying CrossFit and then seriously hurt themselves. But she convinced me to come to the intro class. I was very impressed with the class and the required four foundations classes that new members have to take to learn proper form. Justin, the owner, led my class and I really respected him for his concern for everyone who walked into his establishment
TF: What was your training like before The Foundry?

RB: Before CrossFit, I would go into the gym and focus on toning specific body parts. I was training to compete in figure competitions, and with that you’re going for a look, not really strength. So I would do cardio and then weights every time. I also spent thousands of dollars on personal trainers for my competitions, and I must say by far the coaches at The Foundry have all of them beat. Many people shy away from CrossFit because of the costs, but they don’t realize that the Foundry coaches give each person in class specialized attention it is as if they are in their own personal training session. The cost is definitely worth it.

Now that I have discovered CrossFit, I do a combination of both. I do my cardio and I use CrossFit to help me hit areas of my body I could never get on my own. The programming works to cut body fat and improve my shape. Also, the coaches are very knowledgeable about injuries, so working on mobility is wonderful and I never got that benefit from any personal trainer.

Right now I’m not prepping for a competition as the stresses of life have weighed me down. But the classes, coaches and friends I have made at The Foundry have helped me through this stressful time.

TF: How has CrossFit helped influence your law enforcement career and body building competitions?
RB: My career requires that I engaged with not so appealing characters. Since coming to CrossFit, I have learned many strengthening and gripping techniques. More often than not, the characters I have to physically handle are thrown off by my strength. It takes them by surprise when I can apply higher pressure than they are expecting which makes they comply with my orders! Haha!

I truly believe that CrossFit has helped me tremendously with my ability to perform as a police officer.

TF: What’s something we may not know about you already?

RB: What most people don’t know about me is that I use to be 200lbs. When I became a police officer and had to wear all that heavy equipment (an extra 50 lbs) I was so uncomfortable in my own skin it was unbearable. So I researched and implemented my own weight loss program, and within a year I lost 60lbs. From then I just keep challenging myself to be healthier and stronger.

So I’d like to thank The Foundry for being my one hour a day that I actually enjoy life!

Thanks for sharing this with us Roz! Be sure to congratulate her and continue to WoD hard!