Fei rocking 13.2 Open WOD

Fei rocking 13.2 Open WOD

And we are back! This week’s member spotlight goes out to a girl with a lot of spirit and love of CrossFit. This week we highlight Fei Wang! Fei competed in her first CrossFit Open this year and really rose to the occasion. Fei thrived off the competition and even completed some of the workouts while on vacation! Read about her dedication and aspirations in the interview below:

The Foundry: You showed a lof of interest in the Open and even did some workouts while on vacation, what intrigued you about competing the Open?

Fei Wang: Honestly I wasn’t going to sign up because I didn’t think I’d be able to do the any of the workouts. I mean, why give away a perfectly good $20? But, I’ve made so many friends who are so good at peer pressuring (mean motivating of course) at the gym, that I caved and went for it.

I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to do all the movements– up until 13.5. The atmosphere in the gym is so positive, it’s hard not to get swept up in it. Now that I’ve experienced it once, I definitely want to train harder for 2014!

The Foundry: What are some of your main motivational reasons for training?

FW: I’ve always been somewhat athletic and strong, but very very lazy. And also very ADD. I pick up and try new things all the time. Crossfit gives me the opportunity to workout while complementing my ADD nicely. Every day Brad has come up with something different and that helps me stay engaged.

It also makes me feel like I’m improving my overall fitness so that when I do decide to pick up that next random sport (curling? trapeze?), I’ll be that much more prepared.

Plus, I work from home and getting in my social hour at the Foundry is key to my day.

The Foundry: How has your experience at The Foundry been so far and what else do you want to see happen?

FW: I started at the Foundry when it was relatively new. I’ve really enjoyed watching the gym grow and evolve with new classes and new members. The coaches are always willing to discuss training programs, nutrition, etc. Now if only I would take their advice, I’d be all set. Baby steps.

I love being motivated by the friendly competition during the workouts. Now that I’ve done my first open, I want to train more seriously so that I can Rx everything in 2014.

The Foundry: What’s something we don’t know about you?

FW: Hmm… I inadvertently became a crazy cat lady by casually mentioning to an ex-coworker that, “I’m thinking about getting a kitten.” She immediately requested to go to a shelter with me and demanded I adopt two kittens. Having never had pets before, they scared the cr@p out of me the first few months. I’d lock myself in my bedroom to avoid having to hang out with them… or accidentally step on them and kill them.

Since then, I’ve moved them cross-country with me to Canada (briefly) and now Chicago. And I’m fully on the cats bandwagon.

Thanks for sharing with us Fei! Be sure to congratulate Fei and continue to WOD hard!