Ashley cleans sandbags almost her size!

This week’s Member Spotlight sure has a license to kill! (haha get it? #007) Alright moving on…

This week we want to honor an athlete who has come a long way from her initial uncertainties about CrossFit. Ashley Watts’ hard work has really started to show. She has increased her strength, confidence, and found her place in our Foundry community. Read about where Ashley started, how The Foundry has impacted her relocation to the city, and some of her upcoming travels Congrats on all you have accomplished so far Ash!

The Foundry: Can you describe your initial perceptions of CrossFit and how you have progressed from there?

Ashley Watts: Expensive! In October, I moved to the city from Naperville, where gym memberships were less than a third of the cost! My best friend and workout partner, Lauren, had decided to return to North Carolina to live. I missed the intensity of our early morning workouts and quickly began searching for a CrossFit in the area as I had friends who were passionate about the program. After completing the baseline workout my first day, I knew that I had found a new home gym. I told JQ that I required some time to “think about joining” when in reality I knew I would be signing up immediately. Attending WODs is a unique concept for me because as a physical therapist, I am normally the leader, instructor, and motivator of exercises. I have a great appreciation for the effort put forth in devising the WODs. Initially, I was overwhelmed by all the acronyms and the Olympic lifts. Although I have become more comfortable with the lifts and weight progression, I still feel like the girl who asks a million questions!

F: How have the social events and sense of community at The Foundry affected your experience?

AW: I joined CrossFit not only looking for a place to exercise but to also meet people. As a newcomer to the area, CrossFit gave me a sense of belonging and value. I have always been active, yet I love the camaraderie fostered between athletes. Since I didn’t grown up in the Chicagoland area, I have many separate yet small friend groups. I enjoy coming to CrossFit because I feel as though I have one large group of friends who share a common passion with me. I am genuinely happy when completing a workout with a partner or alongside my friends. Also, the social events are my favorite; I want more!

F: What are some of your training goals?

AW: In the future, I want to see my name on the leaderboard! My strength is more body-weighted exercises so I’d direct my goal towards the weighted pulls up or dip. Currently, I am focusing on improving my double unders. My goal is to perform 20-30 jumps, but I have yet to perform them consecutively. I’ve made it a priority to practice. My technique has definitely improved since spending nearly seven minutes on completing 50 double unders during the Filthy Fifty a few weeks ago. The day after that Benchmark, I spent over 30 minutes practicing. I know Brad thought it was overkill, but it was a way to work out my frustrations.

F: What is something we don’t know about you?

AW: I love to travel. In March, I will be taking my physical therapy skills Peru where I will be treating patients who have limited access to healthcare. While I have previously participated in a few medical trips, this mission will mark the first time in a while that I have treated men since I specialize in women’s health. . . more details on that at the next social event after a few drinks (paleo drinks, of course). 🙂

Thanks for sharing with us Ashley! Be sure to congratulate her and continue to WOD hard!