Alfredo eats Muscle Ups for Breakfast!

Alfredo eats Muscle Ups for Breakfast!

Happy V-Day everyone! Here to brighten your day with the next Member Spotlight Post! This week we are highlighting an athlete who has made serious gains at the gym. Alfredo Santana  has proven he has what it takes to be a serious CrossFitter. His lifts and gymnastics skills continue to impress and he only looks to be improving from here! Read on to see where Alfredo started and how training has impacted all aspects of his life.

The Foundry: How would you describe yourself before you started training the The Foundry?

Alfredo Santana: I played pick up games of basketball every day of my junior and senior year of high school. That was my highest level of fitness before joining The Foundry. That also was twenty years ago. Since then I’ve tried going to the gym and following software generated workouts, along with a variety of diets. Not really great results, and in my case, not really sustainable. Overall, I was the least healthy I’ve ever been.

The Foundry: How have you progressed physically/mentally/emotionally from your first workout at The Foundry?

AS: These past seven months have been incredible. I describe it to friends like a series of breakthroughs and lifestyle changes fueled by the drive to lift more, finish faster, and go longer, and see it all in the whiteboard. For example, nutrition is a bigger deal that I expected. In order to perform better in the wod, I started changing how, when and what I eat. This, of course, had a direct (and somewhat unanticipated) impact on my overall health. From a mental and emotional perspective, some of this workouts are really intense, and I’ve worked on personal discipline in order to keep focused on doing my best and not quit before I’ve given it all I got. This translates directly into every other aspect of my life in a very positive way. I need to say that this has been the most fun I’ve had improving myself.

The Foundry: What are your next goals?

AS: I want to see more progress in my stamina and endurance. As for a particular skill, I want to get the handstand walk.

The Foundry: What is something we don’t know about you?

AS: I love movie theaters. Frequently, I’ll wait for my kids and my wife to go to bed and I’ll head out by myself to catch a late show. Guilty pleasure.

Thanks for sharing this experience with us Alfredo! Be sure to congratulate him and continue to WOD hard!