To realize your full potential and Forge Your Best Self, you need a plan.  Our unique approach to coaching combines scientifically proven workouts and a personal relationship with your coach to help you reach your individual goals.

Whereas 95% of coaches have less than three years experience, our full-time coaches have, on average, six plus years of experience in a variety of disciplines including CrossFit, Boxing, Gymnastics, Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, and Nutrition, to name a few.  Our coaches are invested in the gym, our community, and their development through our professional coach development plan, compensation plan, and partnership opportunity.

Justin Quandt | Founder and Director of Coach Development


Coach JQ - CrossFit Coach The Foundry ChicagoCoach Justin “JQ” is originally from California, and has always enjoyed sports and fitness. At age 7, his family introduced him to tennis, which he took up immediately.  By the age of 11 he had achieved a national ranking and was competing in tournaments around the region and country. As a teenager, the family moved to Brussels, Belgium – providing opportunity to travel and compete on clay courts! The experience landed him a spot on the the Division 1 program at Bucknell University, achieving a career 57-32 record and earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Following college, Justin worked in management consulting for a number of years, gaining valuable experience, but never really feeling fully satisfied.  Although he prioritized his health, the rigors of corporate life made it difficult to stay as fit as he had been in college.

Fortunately, a friend introduced him to CrossFit in 2009.  Following a workout consisting of thrusters, weights, and running, he was smoked! and hooked!  Not only was the program effective, it was also incredibly fun!  He never looked back.

Shortly after discovering CrossFit as an athlete, Justin also developed an interest in coaching, and in 2010 he completed the CrossFit L-1.  He looked for opportunities to share his passion for fitness with others, first by starting a work-out club in the company gym where he worked, and later by implementing a training facility in a back of his apartment and coaching his friends.  To expand his experience, JQ spent the next year coaching at a local CrossFit affiliate, researching fitness & nutrition, traveling to other facilities and learning from experts in the field.

Coach Justin believes fitness should be fun, and loves working with athletes of all levels.  By combining great coaching, good nutrition, and an amazing community of people, The Foundry allows members to create the best, fittest version of themselves while living an amazing life!

Education & Qualifications:

  • Bucknell University: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  • Bucknell University: Division 1 Tennis
  • CrossFit: Level 1 Coach
  • CrossFit: Level 2 Coach
  • CrossFit: Endurance Trainer
  • USA Weightlifting: Sports Performance Coach
  • Whole9: Foundations of Nutrition
  • Whole9: Nutrition Trainer
  • MovNat: Natural Movement
  • Professional Tennis Registry: Certified Teaching Pro

Emmanuel Sally | Coach


“Passionate People Perform Passionately”

Coach Emmanuel Sally - The FoundryEmmanuel is a Chicago native with over 10 years experience in the Health and Fitness Industry.  He has worked with all types of clients ranging from children learning to swim, advanced athletes, working professionals, and older adults performing cardiac rehabilitation.  He also volunteers as a wrestling coach to high school students.  Emmanuel loves people, and with such wide a diversity of experience he knows how to help you achieve your full potential.

Emmanuel believes that passion brings out the best in all of us.   You must uncover what drives that passion and allow to be the main and only motivation to get to your goal.  He loves training seriously but having fun while working towards your goal.

“In order to be a warrior athlete you must first be battled tested”

There is an athlete in all of us. We may be at different fitness and experience levels, but Emmanuel takes the time to harness that inner athlete in each member.  Every day is an opportunity to practice, succeed and achieve what’s most important to you.

Emmanuel has worked with clients to improve: strength & conditioning, CrossFit performance, boxing, fat loss & body composition, injury prevention, mobility, speed & power training and postural improvement.

Education & Qualifications

  • Robert Morris University: Bachelor of Science in Applied Health Sciences
  • ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine): Certified Personal Trainer
  • Personal Training Aacademy: Certified Personal Trainer
  • American Red Cross: WSI (Watersaftey Instructor), LGI (Lifeguard Instructor), Bloodborne Pathogens, Oxygen Administration
  • Crossfit Level 1 Coach
  • USA Boxing- Licensed Boxer
  • Boxing- 22 Wins 3 Losses at 178 Lbs and 5 Wins 0 Loses at 201+

Jeff Arias | Coach


Foundry Coach Jeff AriasCoach Jeff became involved in the fitness industry in 2010 when he decided to create a fitness club at his college.  He began leading group classes, and through that realized how much he loves to see people transforming themselves. With a desire to learn more, he pursued a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) personal trainer and became addicted to learning everything possible about fitness.  Jeff attended numerous seminars and pursued many certifications. However, something still seemed to be missing.

In 2012, he attended the CrossFit level 1 seminar, which was “a game changer”.  Not only did it challenge him to be a better coach, but also a better athlete.  CrossFit showed him the importance of being well rounded and having high general physical preparedness.  In addition, CrossFit opened Jeff’s mind to new horizons – he couldn’t wait to learn more about gymnastics, olympic lifting, power lifting, flexibility, and the full range of CrossFit skills.

Jeff describes CrossFit as changing his life in so many ways and he loves being part of something so amazing and supportive.  Jeff joined Team Foundry in 2015 and is incredibly proud to be part of such a wonderful community talented team at The Foundry Chicago. Jeff is committed to bring out the best in every athlete and says “You are stronger than you think!”

fun fact: Jeff is also a certified Zumba instructor!

Education & Qualifications

  • National Louis University: Bachelors in Business Administration
  • CrossFit: Level 1 Coach
  • CrossFit Level 2 coach
  • CrossFit: Endurance Coach
  • CrossFit: Strongman Coach
  • CrossFit: Competitor Coach
  • CrossFit: Gymnastics Coach
  • CrossFit: Mobility Coach
  • CrossFit: Kettlebell Coach
  • Eleiko: Certified Strength Coach
  • USA Weightlifting: Sports Performance Coach
  • Spartan SGX Coach
  • MovNat: Workshop Attendee
  • NASM: Certified Personal Trainer
  • NASM: Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • NASM: Performance Enhancement Specialist
  • NASM: Women’s Fitness Specialist
  • TRX Qualified
  • CPR/AED Certified

Jeremy Jones | Coach


“We must fail to succeed, fall before we fly, crawl before we walk”

Foundry Coach Jeremy JonesSuperheroes, health, and the betterment of self are the three pillars of Coach Jeremy Jones’ existence. A self-proclaimed fitness nerd, and student of life, he is always up for a challenge, and what better way to challenge yourself than to help others.

Coach Jeremy is originally from Luxembourg, but moved to Chicago when he was 12 years old.  Growing up, he played nearly every sport but excelled in Football.  As an adult, he became fascinated with strength and conditioning and trained competitively for powerlifting.  Jeremy knows a thing or two about strength, he achieved a 1,500lb powerlifting total (400+ Bench Press, 500+ Back Squat, 600+ Deadlift).

Jeremy is a graduate of Depaul University, and believes life has three primary components: Spirit, Mind, and Body. His goal is to help people align all three so you can become the self actualized version of yourself. By presenting a simple, adherent friendly approach to diet, self, and exercise he csreate a blueprint for you to transition into a more fulfilling life.

Jeremy promises to never stop being a student and giving his all for the things he loves. He always presents his thoughts and my advice in an unadulterated light, and allows his experiences to shape himself and those he is teaching. It is his mission to foster a love for self in every individual he has the opportunity to work with, give you the tools necessary to succeed, and shape yourself into the best YOU possible.

“The core principle is simple, just commit. Commit to give it your all and accept nothing short of personal excellence.”


Education & Qualifications

  • Depaul University: Bachelor of Science in Biological Science & Philosophy
  • Founder: The CORE Principle
  • American Council on Exercise: Certified Personal Trainer
  • CrossFit: Level 1 Coach
  • Competitive Powerlifter: 1,500lb total (625lb deadlift, 505lb back squat, 370lb bench press)

<h2id=”Matt”>Matt Brown | Coach


“I specialize in optimizing physical and mental performance inside and outside of the gym.”

Matt Brown - Foundry CoachCoach Matt is originally from the Western Suburbs of Chicago. He grew up experimenting with different sports and played soccer most of his life until switching to football his Sophomore year of high school.  It was this choice that led to his fascination and love of strength and conditioning.

During college, while he continued to lift weights, his overall fitness slipped and he picked up a bad smoking habit. After graduation, determined to take his health back, Matt poured himself into weightlifting and martial arts.  In 2011 he discovered CrossFit, and after his first workout he knew there was no turning back. With his new focus on health, he dropped smoking and developed an interest in nutrition, which led him to pursue certifications as a health coach.

Coach Matt says health and fitness changed him for the better in ways he never could have imagined. He truly believes that the potential to live a better life is inside of every individual and the best way to realize this potential is through the unrelenting pursuit of physical and mental improvement.

“By helping others unlock this potential, I hope to empower every person I coach to bring their A-game to every aspect of their life.”

Coach Matt started training using boxing, muay thai, jiu-jitsu, and JKD/Kali.  He started training with CrossFit at CrossFit Defined in 2011, and pursued a CF-L1 in March of 2012.  When his job relocated him to Chicago, he trained at San Francisco under well-known icons Kelly Starrett of MobilityWOD, Carl Paoli of Freestyle Connection, and Diane Fu of FuBarbell.  Matt returned to Chicago from SF in 2014 and joined the Foundry shortly thereafter, first as an athlete, then as a coach. His passion for nutrition lead him to pursue certifications as a health coach in 2013 and 2015 through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Matt’s work with the Foundry started with the creation and implementation of the Healthy Habits program, a health and wellness program tailored to help athletes attain peak physical and mental performance. Following the first Healthy Habits program, Matt started coaching part-time at Union Station in August 2015. In addition to coaching, Matt also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Marquette University and holds a full-time job as an Account Executive at a software company called Coupa based out of San Mateo, CA.
Matt holds the following certifications:

Education & Qualifications

  • Marquette University: Bachelor of Science in Marketing
  • CrossFit: Level 1 Coach
  • Precision Nutrition: Level 1
  • IIN: Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
  • Freesyle Connection Seminar

Melodie Tang | Coach

“An active life yields a rewarding life.”

Coach Melodie is originally from Texas and unlike most coaches, did not play sports growing up.  Despite that, she has always enjoyed working out and being active.  She originally got into CrossFit in 2011 and was drawn to it because it allowed her to be athletic and fit without having to throw or catch any flying objects!

Coach Mel enjoys incorporating fun into her coaching.  Fun facts include: She loves Justin Timberlake and will make you workout to it unless you change the station to something else.  As an athlete she rocks at burpees and handstand push-ups. She prefers cats to dogs because they are confident, independent and commonly misunderstood companions. Also, her favorite food is sushi.

When she’s not at the gym, Melodie works as a change management consultant, and has helped major companies in multiple industries deploy and adopt new technologies and processes.  It’s this same desire to see progress and improvement that motivates her as a coach.

“I like to see people commit to a challenge, improve, and gain confidence through the process.”


Education & Qualifications

  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong: Exchange Program
  • The University of Texas at Austin – The Red McCombs School of Business: Masters of Business Administration
  • CrossFit: Level 1 Coach

Ross Bradley | Coach


“I’m committed to helping people discover what they are truly capable of”

Foundry Coach Ross BradlyCoach Ross is a Chicago-area native with an impressive athletic and coaching background.  Exercise is part of Ross’s family culture, and staying fit was instilled in him at a very young age.  At the age of six, he took up gymnastics and fell in love with the sport.  At the time, he didn’t know he would end up being six feet tall (much too tall by conventional wisdom).  Not one to be deterred, Ross set out to prove he could compete with the best.  At the University of Illinois, he became a two-time All-American and went on to win a Big Ten Championship.

After school, in search of new challenges, he auditioned for and earned a role in the Cirque Du Soleil show “O” in Las Vegas.  The act, “Bateau”, featured acrobats performing a combination of aerial cradle and parallel bars on a swinging boat-shaped apparatus high above the water.  Later, he was invited to the final European tour of “Alegria”, one of Cirques biggest and longest running shows.  As part of Alegria, he performed “Arial High Bar” in the final act,  hanging from a swinging trapeze and catching other acrobats as they fly, twist, and flip off a structure above.

After a shoulder injury made it difficult to perform, Ross switched his focus to training others.  He pursued a NASM certification and became the strength and conditioning coach for the Cirque show “Kooza”.  While traveling through Vancouver, he developed an interest in CrossFit, which took advantage of his strengths but also challenged him to develop many new skills.  Upon return to the US, he spent the past two years as a coach at CrossTown Fitness.

“When I see someone realize what they can accomplish for the first time, it’s the best feeling”

Coach Ross sees the potential in everyone and loves to help them see it for themselves.  Ross believes in creating a fun and positive training environment that allows you to feel supported and empowered.

Education & Qualifications

  • University of Illinois: Bachelor of Science in Communications
  • University of Illinois: Two-time All-American: Gymnastics
  • Cirque du Soleil: Trapeze Acrobat (“O”, and “Alegria”)
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine: Certified Personal Trainer
  • CrossFit: Level 1 Coach