Hey Team,

Trodo Logo

We’re excited to announce we’ve become founding members of the Trodo Box League, founded by our very own Tiffaney F.  Trodo was designed from the ground up with some important differences from other events and competitions.

It’s for All Athletes

It’s an ongoing, team-based competitive season for our entire community.  New, average and elite athletes have the chance to represent The Foundry with pride against other local boxes, all year round.  It’s all about community, getting better together, and training for something bigger than you.

It’s Every Month

Every month there’s a team-based Trodo Open WOD held at The Foundry.  Following the open, top teams move on to represent our box at the monthly Trodo Games versus other local boxes.

Save the Date

The first open WoD will be held October 19th at The Foundry, and for the Trodo Games on November 9th at CrossFit Freedom!

For More Information

Trodo is in the process of building out support tools for the league, including an athlete portal and a ranking system.  For further information, check out their website or facebook page:

Webe: https://www.trodo.org/boxleague

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/trodoboxleague