A living Example of what is possible

A living example of what is possible

Last Monday, Noah LaPorte became a full-time Coach at The Foundry and we couldn’t be more thrilled!  Most of you know Noah as a talented athlete, a highly motivated and motivating person, and a great guy, but crushing killer WoD’s didn’t always come easily to him.

Growing up, Noah was always a bigger guy.  He lacked a consistent exercise program and his nutrition wasn’t always perfect – in high-school his weight reached the 240s.  For a time, basketball and strength training led to better fitness and a lower weight, but it was short-lived.  College life, followed by a marriage and raising a young daughter provided convenient reasons not to prioritize health and fitness.

In March 2011, Noah and his wife Jacquelyn walked into the gym Brad and I worked at, ready to make some changes in their lives.  At the time, Noah weighed 280 lbs.  Jacquelyn’s brother, already an avid CrossFitter, recommended it to them.  Burpees were a huge challenge, double-unders were non-existent, he used two black bands for pull-ups.  In the early days I remember Noah making several emergency trips to the bathroom after a difficult WoD.  However, he never once complained, never said anything was too hard, and never gave up on a WoD.  Instead, I saw him coming in early to warm-up and staying late to do extra work and practice skills.  I could tell from the look in his eye that this guy was not going to stop.

By August, Noah had lost 40lb (down to 240) and was only using a single band on pull-ups.  We started our first Whole30 challenge and the whole family became involved.  Jacquelyn, also a consistent CrossFitter at this time took the lead on cooking.  Meals consisted of delicious meats, seafood, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.  All processed foods, sugars, and artificial anything were eliminated.  The results?  Noah lost another 25lbs (down to 216) and Jacquelyn lost 15, even though she was 7 weeks pregnant for the final weigh-in.  He became a beast at the gym, regularly reaching the top of the leader-board in WoDs.  At this time I noticed Noah’s hunger (haha) for health had grown beyond himself.  He started taking an interest in the success of other people and pursued the CrossFit level 1 coaching certification.

Before and After Paleo Challenge

Before and After Paleo Challenge

When Brad and I opened The Foundry, Noah said he wanted to join us and he became one of the first five members.  In addition, he wanted to train to become a coach, and was willing to contribute in any way he could just for the opportunity to learn.  And so, Noah went through Foundations class #001, as a participant as well as a coaching apprentice.  Foundations was at 6am, and while Noah worked nights (past midnight) he was there every MWF at 6am for 8 straight weeks.

As time went on, Noah became an increasingly skilled coach – and was dedicated to improving his skill and knowledge.  He obtained CrossFit certifications in Striking, Strongman, Mobility, and Kettlebells.  He trained with USA weightlifting, becoming a USAW Sports Performance Coach, and he attended two Outlaw training camps.  Often he traveled great distances around the country for the opportunity to gain more knowledge.  By September, he had taken over the 12pm class entirely.  We knew we wanted him on the team and as the gym grew in membership we had the opportunity to bring on a new coach.

It gives me tremendous satisfaction and pleasure to congratulate Coach Noah on his new role as a Lead Coach at The Foundry.  Through dedication, perseverance and humility he has become a highly skilled and highly valued member of our team.  I know he will surpass my highest expectations and inspire countless individuals to take action in their lives and become healthy.  You can find Noah coaching classes Monday-Thursday from Noon-Close and on Saturdays from 9-11.

In addition to being a badass athlete and coach, Noah is also a proud husband and father to two little firebreathers.

Jacquelyn, Bella, Noah, Owen

Jacquelyn, Bella, Noah, Owen

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