The Foundry Printers Row – Event

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Metcon (Time)

In Teams of 2-4:

100 jump rope or jumping jacks (a)*

90 mountain climbers or high knees (right + left = 1) (b)*

80 air squats (c) *

70 ball slams

60 calorie row

50 Medball squat chest pass

40 MB or KB Sumo deadlift (d)*

30 sit ups or crunches (e)*

20 pull ups or ring rows

10 synchronized burpees or burpee plank.

*RX+ (experienced members ONLY)

a) double unders

b) inverted mountain climber

c) goblet squats 53/35

d) KB swings 53/35

e) Toes to bar

-One person working at the time.

-Team members will decide how to divide the work.

-Every one in the team has to “hi 5” before transition to the next movement.