As mentioned last week, Coach Fabio is the newest member of our full-time staff and has been bringing it in the mornings all week. But who is this International man of mystery? We sat down with him to find out more:


Coach Fabio is originally from Bolivia, where he grew up playing soccer, volleyball, and racquetball. He also became involved with dance and theater, learning jazz, ballet, tango and salsa and appearing in productions of “Grease” and “Chicago.”

As a kid he was always good with his hands, tinkering with things, taking them apart and fixing them. This initially led him to study to become an auto mechanic.

In 2013, he moved to the US. At first, his English was limited to important phrases such as “Bathroom?” “Beer Please,” and “Where is the McDonalds?” but as you can see, he has a natural aptitude for language.

That same year he was exposed to CrossFit for the first time. Despite being in reasonably good shape, his first workout was so intense he felt like he was going to throw up. So obviously, his first reaction was “How can I do more of that??”

Since he was still learning English, he spent extra time learning and analyzing movement, and it became a way for him to communicate while his language skills were still developing. It wasn’t long before he started coaching.

Fabio brings nearly five years experience to The Foundry, most recently as a group coach, personal trainer and facility manager for another CrossFit gym. He excels at bringing a positive attitude, enthusiasm, patience, and problem-solving skills to the equation. He will be heading up the mornings Monday – Friday.


Foundry: What are your top values?
FC: “Challenge, determination, achievement, accountability, common sense, respect, reliability, efficiency, humbleness, patience, understanding, and honesty.”

Foundry: What’s your favorite quote?
FC: Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.
– Bruce Lee

Foundry: What podcasts do you recommend?
FC: “The Joe Rogan Experience”, “Conspiracy Stories” and the “Something Scary Podcast”

Foundry: What do you like about working at The Foundry?
FC: “I love the support and engagement of the community, it’s a wonderful place that feels like a big family. The facility is amazing and I have the best team to work with.”

Foundry: What do you like to do when you’re not working?
FC: “I like to take pictures, go hiking, bike riding, watch movies, dancing and singing, playing the guitar and chilling.”

Foundry: What’s one goal you have for the next year?
FC: “To travel more!”

“My name is Fabio and I am a Coach. Some people say to me “Oh like the model?” to which I reply “Yes! Except that I am not that tall and don’t have long blonde hair, but my skin is like brown sugar with a sweet personality.”