10:00 to warm-up

Quickly elevate your heart rate through simple body weight movements warming up the muscles and getting some oxygen into the blood. Move along to movement prep for shoulders, hips, and anything else relating to sticky joints. Then for the big lifts hit a set on each lift with the empty barbell followed by limited reps with loading light to moderate.


Team of 3:

30:00 to build to heavy singles for back squat, press, deadlift while accumulating as many meters on rowing ergometer as possible.

Each team member will take turns lifting, spotting, and rowing. All team member must establish heavy single squat before moving on to the press, and finally onto the deadlift. Meanwhile, rotations on the rower for max meters.

Score: Average weight across nine lifts (3 per team member) + 1 pt for every 10m rowed.


Dynamic gymnastics:


8:00, 3 attempts at max reps


Density #BW:


  • max pull-ups
  • max push-ups