** Attention **

We have added 7:30pm WoDs to the schedule Mon-Thurs starting next week!  If you like training a bit later please join us for these new class times.

Also, quick note on METCON1.  We are happy to see so many are excited to take this class, however METCON1 is not intended to be taken back to back with the regular WoD.  WoD’s are carefully designed to balance volume and intensity such that you can perform well and make progress.  Performing the WoD and METCON1 back to back will result in too much volume which will undermine your progress.  Please pick one class only per evening session. However, you may do the WoD in the morning, METCON1 in the evening, as this gives your body enough time to recover.  Thank you!


Snatch Balance

1-1-1, REST 2:00 between attempts


3-position cleans:

3 tall clean + 3 above knee hang clean + 3 below knee hang clean

Perform twice with empty bar, a third time with 50-60% rep max, then again with heaviest possible. REST 2:00 between sets


Clean Pulls:

5×3  heaviest possible, REST 2:00 between sets


Tabata, 8 cycles 20:10 (alternating skills)

  • ball slam #20/10
  • kb swing #53/35